As a pioneer in modern pharma and healthcare services, we will continue to grow by being true to our mission of making healthcare more accessible. Since 2012 we have been on a journey of transformation to bring new solutions to the industry, building on our capabilities in Brand Development, R&D, Distribution, and Digital Transformation.

Our focus in Asia makes us familiar with its diverse culture and needs. We tap into our strong local network of healthcare facilities, professionals and regulators for reliable market intelligence to stay on top of the evolving healthcare environments.

Our Reputations is built on our commitment to compliance and quality. We have access to a number of distributor chains to streamline your go-to-market plan and execution.


Our core values are the driving force behind who we are and what we do. Prudential Pharma stands on a legacy of service excellence and traditions that are supported by our commitment to integrity and trust, collaboration, a passion for excellence, innovation and personal growth. It is these core values that inspire us to always put first the needs and well-being of the people and communities we serve.

Integrity & Trust

Build open honest relationships

Built upon unwavering integrity, trust is the essence of Prudential Pharma history. We must uphold our integrity and the trust placed in us in all actions we take.


Build partnerships internally and externally

At Prudential Pharma, we work as a team across business areas and with our healthcare partners. We believe collaboration is the key to delivering innovative solutions that help everybody win.


Be creative and open-minded

We believe true innovation is the combination of creativity, open-mindedness and deep understanding of the marketplace.

Passion for Excellence

Be determined in only delivering the best

We are passionate about delivering the best results every time and are determined to do even better the next time.

Personal Growth

Pursue growth and learning

We are driven in the pursuit of personal growth and learning. As an organization, we strive to create an environment that nurtures a learning culture and allows each individual to drive their own development.

Prudential Pharma